achievements Since its founding, Ocean-7 has had the good fortune of working with some very interesting people at some very interesting companies. And while working with these people we have been part of some astounding achievements - making impossible deadlines and meeting impossible goals.

In this section of the site we have highlighted a few examples of these successful projects. By no means does this selection reflect the incredible variety of projects we have worked on. So give us a call, and we will regale you with stories of the many assignments we have undertaken.
achievements - citiprivileges

CitiPrivileges screenshots
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Ocean-7, working with Citigroup's Credit Card division, envisioned and created CitiPrivileges the Citigroup shopping portal.

Designed to present a user-friendly personalized experience to Citi's customers and to be easily updatable by Citigroup, the CitiPrivileges shopping portal allows Citigroup to present users with a wealth of options and possibilities. All users are profiled as they move through the site, and specific shopping deals are directed to them based on both explicit (information the user volunteers) and implicit (what we learn by watching the user's behavior) preferences. All the site content is targeted, filtered and customized on the basis of these preferences, program eligibility and even geographic location. To enable Citi to further leverage this site beyond its original home with Citicards, Ocean-7 designed the site to permit Citigroup to easily cobrand the site to match any Citigroup brand.

The creation of this site required an incredible amount of refined information architecture to bring a plethora of shopping opportunities to the casual browser. Custom coded in Java, the site exactly meets Citi's needs and has been constantly enhanced and expanded to accomodate new Citi efforts.

To accelerate the regular updates that this site requires, a custom-built Content Management system was created. In addition, real time custom traffic reporting is always available.
achievements - ncp

North Castle screenshots
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North Castle Partners, a private equity firm specializing in investments in the Healthy Living and Aging sector, was looking to create a web presence which would help explain their unique position in this up and coming market sector.

Ocean-7 helped North Castle design a bold, eye-catching look for their website and guided the organization of the content on the site. Unique to this implementation is a customized search engine that allows searches of both the NCP site and portfolio companies sites, helping visitors understand the breadth of NCP's involvement in their market sector.

With the success of the initial site launch, Ocean-7 worked with North Castle to develop a best-in-class Limited Partners extranet. By analysing the legacy process of distributing information to their Limited Partners, O7 designed a web-based application that accomplished the same goals (and more) in a secure and instantaneous fashion. Launched ahead of schedule, the site delivers customized news and privileged financial information to Limited Partners in real time. A North Castle controlled Content Management System (CMS) also permits North Castle to grant and deny varying levels of access to this financial information to interested parties or to exitsting investors.
achievements - knoll

Knoll screenshots
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Since 1938, Knoll has been a leader in the contract furniture business featuring designs by visionaries such as Marcel Breuer, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Isamu Noguchi, and Eero Saarinen. Knoll wanted to reflect their history, and these same high design standards, when they decided to create a web presence.

Ocean-7 worked with visual designers at Funny Garbage to create a site that adjusts according to the user's identity giving employees and customers the same excellent user experience as the general public.

A primary imperative for the technology driving this site was the separation of the content layer from the presentation layer permitting easy adjustments to the site's design. A data model was developed that reflected the site's content, and a complete Content Management System (CMS) was built to enable site producers at Knoll to enter their content into data tables based on the model.

Knoll also migrated many of their standard business applications to the web, decreasing training time and software licensing expenses, while increasing overall efficiency.

The site was built using Java Server Pages and Servlets running under IBM Websphere connected to a DB2 database management system all running on an IBM AS/400.
achievements - symantec

Symantec screenshots
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Back in 1996, Ocean-7 created a pioneering product known as the "Press Disk." Initially created for Mitsubishi, this floppy-based press kit made quite an impression when it debuted (along with its companion O7-developed press kiosk) at the Consumer Electronics Show . Despite its small size, the disk was loaded with every press release and photo that Mitsubishi needed to distribute at the show. The disk generated much positive press for the electronics giant - while generating significant savings over traditional press kit production.

Symantec admired the disk and made the wise decision to contract Ocean-7 to create one for them. For Symantec, the Press Disk became the Press Disc as it moved to CD. On the new media, the Disc grew to include a full featured search engine, archived releases, reviewers' guides, high resolution photography and other digital assets. At the same time production techniques were refined to allow new material to be added to the disc right up until show time.

Symantec has continued to work with Ocean-7 to create new discs on a regular schedule and with continued success.