capabilities The Ocean-7 team is a multi-disciplinary bunch. We look for people with diverse talents, skills and interests -- and then we encourage people to continue to develop their particular area of expertise while acquiring new abilities. This results in a group of people that is a community of both learners and teachers.

These teams benefit from the synergy that results when all of their areas of expertise are combined to work on a project. It also means that many perspectives (sometimes from one person) can be used in developing solutions.

The links above tell more about some particular capabilities, but the list is always growing.
capabilities - programming

programming Ocean-7's programming skills are extensive. Our team members have knowledge and experience with Java, Visual Basic, C++, TCL/TK, Python, Perl and many more languages than you can imagine. (Did we mention Fortran?) In addition, we are fully proficient and comfortable with the major database platforms (and some minor dbs as well). We work with standards like XML, XSL, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, and the rest of them every day. And we've had these technologies running on any platform you can imagine: from Windows to Linux, from an AS/400 to a Palm Pilot.

What this list of languages, platforms and standards doesn't fully explain is the way we live and breathe programming. It's really what we're all about - and we're proud of what we produce. Nobody joins the Ocean-7 team unless they share this enthusiasm and pride.

What all this means for you is that you'll get to work with a group of professionals who are going to make sure that your project is going to be executed in most efficient and elegant manner possible. That translates into an application that is built beyond-the-spec and delivered on-time.
capabilities - ia/design

ia/design In designing applications and other solutions for clients, the Ocean-7 team uses the best practices of information architecture (IA) to get the data flowing out of the application and into the user's head via the most optimum path. To make sure that this experience is a pleasant one, O7 relies on design skill to make sure that the esthetic expectations of the user are met and exceeded.

Many of the techniques we use in the practice of IA are informed by our deep knowledge of technology. For example, we have had great success with our unique, highly intuitive 'application-like' web pages. These pages use advanced client-side scripting techniques to minimize page redraws and communicate efficiently with the user -- often revealing things that may otherwise have been lost due to intolerance of an awkward time consuming experience. In addition, our custom personalization and content characterization engines expose content to users intelligently, leading to successful, quick transactions between user and application.

Esthetically, our design approach is the one that's right for your company -- not our design portfolio or agenda. For this reason, we are happy to work with outside designers when our in-house design resources don't fit the bill for a particular project. We are fluent in the language of design and marketing, so everyone is comfortable in these collaborations -- and we end up with many friends in the design community.
capabilities - project management

project management At Ocean-7, Project Management is of paramount importance. As a small company with a horizontal structure, the people planning and implementing a project are always working directly with the people managing the project. This team approach results in the client always being directly plugged-in to what's going on.

To further enable smooth project management, O7 has developed the Online Project Management (OPM) application, a database-driven web site where all the stakeholders in a project can log-in and check on and/or report on the progress of a project. By centralizing project management and leveraging the power of the web, the OPM keeps projects on schedule and makes it easy to track the progress of ongoing developments.
capabilities - data management

data management Ocean-7 offers application hosting at our secured, hardened facility. For many of our clients, hosting their applications with us means that they can focus on their business, and not worry about maintaining servers. As both the host and developer of the application, we can offer turnkey solutions that allow business people to leverage the latest and greatest technology painlessly.

All servers are provisioned with full redundancy to assure continuation of business even under catastrophic failure or distress. We also offer 24/7 monitoring of applications, with available 24/7 on-call service.

The physical facility is secured with biometric access devices, in addition to traditional lock and key security. State-of-the-art firewalls and custom software protects against potentially destructive network incursions. Regular "white hat" hacks are done against the facility to assure that our defenses are kept up to date.