facts Established in 1996 by publishing/technology veterans, Ocean-7 Development quickly grew to become a full-service programming shop specializing in web and database solutions. As accomplished coders, seasoned web developers, database fanatics, expert designers and experienced project managers, the Ocean-7 Development team brings targeted problem solving abilities to the world of web content creation. Working with designers, agencies, and directly with forward thinking companies, O7 has been the enabling force behind compelling web sites that provide solutions and create new opportunities.

While Ocean-7 provides full-service design, as well as programming services, O7 often partners with "best in breed" design companies, advertising agencies and other communication professionals. In this way, O7's programming, information architecture, and management skill set can be leveraged with similarly powerful design and communication skills.

This synergetic approach has resulted in successful development efforts for such important clients as VH1, Citigroup, The New Yorker, Barnes & Noble, AT&T Universal Card, the TED conference, Mitsubishi, Symantec, Knoll and Alcoa.
facts - core values

core values Everyone on the Ocean-7 team shares a basic set of principles:

The Value of Custom Programming
We build custom solutions that are cost competitive with the other guys -- you know who we are talking about - the people who will try to sell you "shrink wrapped" software that comes with an army of implementation consultants ready to start toting up billable hours. We won't try to sell you a one-size-fits-all package that won't meet your needs or get you the return-on-investment you're looking for.

Effective Information Architecture & Design
We always start our projects by looking at the human side of the problem. By carefully examining how an application communicates, and how to optimize that communication, we build a foundation to base the project on. Moving from information architecture to design, we make sure the design supports the goals of the project, not some particular design agenda or esthetic.

Technology Agnosticism
When it comes to implementation plans, we leave our prejudices at home. Sure some of us are Microsoft fans, while others believe open source is the most important development in the history of technology -- but when it comes time to make decisions and recommendations about how to deploy a particular project, the only consideration is the client and the project itself. There are no hidden agendas to support a particular platform or philosophy.

Multi-Disciplinary Expertise
Nobody at Ocean-7 works in a silo. Each team member has particular strengths in certain areas, but everyone is encouraged to expand their horizons beyond their area of greatest expertise. That means that designers, programmers, project managers, dba's and everyone else can communicate using a common language, and that each respects the others abilities.

FUD stands for "Facilitate Uncertainty and Doubt." Rumor has it that this is a principle of the sales force of a certain very large technology company. The way they see it, if their clients feel threatened by technology, they are going to come to the so-called experts at this very large technology company begging for help. This help is made available to them at exorbitant prices. We believe in sharing our knowledge, expertise and experience with the client -- we'll go to extraordinary efforts to explain even complex technology. We love this stuff, and it's in our nature to want to get you to love it, too.

facts - what we're like

what we're like Ocean-7's offices have a friendly, informal atmosphere. We're located in Manhattan's East Village, and since we're on the ground floor we're really integrated with the eclectic street life that makes the East Village such a fun spot. It's convenient and easy for us to get inspired — our inspiration can often be found by just looking out our windows at the parade of characters that can be found walking down our street.

While we are an informal company, we never bought into the crazy excesses of the dot com boom (no ping pong tables here!) -- we're more traditional in our work ethic and humble in our sense of self-importance. Thatís why we're still here!

Ocean-7, a privately held family-owned company, believes diversity is a valuable commodity that actually improves our value to our clients. The more variety we have on our team, the more perspectives we can apply to finding solutions for our clients.